One of the most exciting peaks in Öræfi available to reach this summer.

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Hrútsfjallstindar peaks at 1,875 meters and has four peaks. They are magnificent alpine peaks in Öræfajökull west of Hvannadalshnúkur and give Svínafellsjökull a majestic appearance. The trip is a wonderful mountain hike. During the expedition we enjoy a beautiful view on the way as well as at the top.

For whom?

The trip is within the reach of those who are in very good shape and are used to long and demanding walks. We are walking a lot in the snow during this trip. Although the way up is not technical, it is still long and takes on physically and mentally. The trip is therefore very demanding and requires the cooperation of a guide and others in the group.

The walk begins at the foot of Hafrafell. The route itself is about 26 km, the ascent about 1,800 meters and usually takes 14-16 hours. We work our way up the slopes of Hafrafell, along Skaftafellsjökull, until we reach the glacier plain that surrounds the peaks. There we go to the security line.


As we approach the peaks themselves, we choose a peak according to our circumstances and desires. They are all elegant and the surroundings are magnificent. At the top, weather permitting, we see the endless glacier, sharp glaciers and sharp peaks. The view is both adventurous and unforgettable.

be prepared for your adventure

Important information: It is necessary to stay in Öræfi the night before, as the walk starts early in the morning and does not end until the second half of the day. We recommend arriving in the afternoon to get a good rest for a long and hard day. It is common to leave between 4 and 5 at night, depending on the situation. We have an introductory meeting at 5 pm the day before, if you do not come then you can get information by phone and email. 

Moreover, it is important to know that the weather can change quickly and sometimes the conditions can be hard to predict so we may need to move the hike to a different day and even turn around. This is definitely an important fact to know about preparing for the summit hike in Iceland and we will keep you up to date with the weather conditions in the area if you sign up for this adventure with us.

The tour summary:
  • Length of trip: 26 km, 14-16 hours
  • Height: 1,875 meters,
  • Elevation: ~ 1750 meters
  • Season available: April – July 
  • Starting point: Freysnes Service Station
  • Price: 200,000 ISK line, 6 people per guide. We offer larger groups special prices.


Contact or tel. +3548941317 to receive an offer.

What to bring: A detailed list of equipment will be sent to participants.


If someone from the rope team gets exhausted the whole team needs to turn around.

According to our standards there are 6+ guide.

The weather high on the glaciers in iceland can be really unpredictable, we choose the day that looks best onthe forecast but that can change fast, if the weather gets too bad on the glacier we take no chances because then a small incident like a twisted ankle can become a difficult rescue that puts many people in danger. The guide has training and gear to get everyone down even if the visibility is bad.

When there is risk of crevasse fall the team is connected with a rope and if everyone keeps the rope tight then normally people just fall up to they’re knee or waist at most.

Normally the group takes a small break every hour to drink or eat and then there usually isno problem to do your business out of sight 🙂

No, not in Iceland because the highest summit is only in about 2110 meters or 7000 feet.

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