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A half day tour that allows you to experience a stunning blue ice cave on Vatnajökull glacier

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The Ice Cave Tour to the Sapphire Ice Cave is our most popular tour. After meeting at Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, we drive our super jeep into the glacial valley before hiking to the mouth of the crystal blue, naturally-occuring cave. At 3.5 hours, this half day trip suits most people and is perfect for the shorter winter days or if you are worried about our winter weather. But rest assured, there is always shelter from wind, rain and snow in an ice cave!

The super jeep journey to reach the ice cave is an adventure on its own, travelling through mesmerizing landscapes carved out by glaciers over decades. Ice caves are constantly evolving, with the caves melting and reforming every summer. When scouting for caves for the winter we look not only at the size but also the colours, overall beauty and experience.

Please note that we will not be the only group visiting the ice cave. We try to accurately represent the cave as you would experience and be able to photograph it yourself. Visit our instagram @localguide to see photos we’ve been tagged in as well as those we have posted throughout the season.

be prepared for your

Be ready for the Icelandic winter weather, please wear warm and waterproof outdoor clothing, a hat and gloves etc.

During this tour we do not hike on the glacier but we walk from the place we park the car for approx. 25-30 minutes on uneven ground. The walk is around 4km both ways so please keep this in mind when booking this activity.

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Our Local Guide base is located 370km east of Reykjavík at the main parking lot of Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon by the main highway, road number 1. It is very difficult to miss as you will see big ice bergs floating around and it’s across the road from the Diamond Beach.

If you are taking a private tour it may be possible to collect you from the hotel in the local area so please ask us about this option.

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Typically the ice cave season is from October to the end of March. It is important to remember that the weather plays a huge part in the formation of the caves and we can sometimes access them earlier in the season and sometimes it may not be until later on. We are scouting for caves from late summer so as soon as conditions allow we are able to access these with our groups in winter.

Even though we offer small group experience as well as private ice cave tours – we can never guarantee that we will be the only people inside the ice cave, if you are a photographer we try to choose less travelled ice cave, but it all depends on the conditions each day what possibility´s there are and how long you are willing to hike.

We accurately represent the changing conditions, size and colours of the ice cave on our instagram @localguide, where we are also tagged in photos from our clients throughout the season. These photos are often taken on phones, so the quality of your camera is no barrier to capturing the natural beauty. The colours of the ice caves can change slightly with the light and weather (rain, snow, bright sunshine) but this only enhances the individuality of the caves.

No company has the exclusive right to visit any of the ice caves in Vatnajökull National Park. We work together with other tour operators to ensure that, if we visit the same cave at a similar time, we have more than enough space and time for our groups to experience and photograph the unique shapes and structures. We have scheduled our public Ice Cave Tour departures so that we do not overlap as much with other groups who may visit the same cave.

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