Local Guide is a small family run glacier guiding company that has been operating in South East Iceland since 1991. The company was founded by my grandfather, Sigðurður Bjarnason, but since 2015 myself and my partner Helen María have taken over a part of the company.

We are proud to maintain the excellent reputation of Local Guide and we pride ourselves on hiring local guides with an excellent knowledge of the area and the island as a whole and offering small group tours to enhance your experience.

Whilst the company was established in 1991, we are three generations of glacier guides and up to five generations of explorers in the area. One of the first men to climb the highest summit in Iceland, Hvannadalshnúkur, on the 17th of August 1891, was my great grandfather Páll Jónsson.

In the summer months we offer hiking on the glacier with half day hikes, family tours and full day advanced tours for those who want an even greater adventure on the ice. During the winter months, from October to March, we offer ice caving tours.

Me and my father were the first people to offer regular ice cave tours in Iceland and we are continuing to offer this service. We strive to find the best available caves to offer the best experience possible for our guests.

As a small company we love the flexibility this gives us to be able to offer private tours and to work on exciting projects for photography, filming and print. We are always open to new possibilities, so we welcome your enquiry.

We hope that you will enjoy your tour with Local Guide and we look forward to meeting you.
Best regards,

Aron Franklín


  • We are FAMILY RUN company – we are a third generation of our family who have been operating tours in Vatnajökull area.
  • Vatnajökull experts. All  of our guides have AIMG glacier guiding certificates. Through guiding, training and recreation our guide have an extensive knowledge of the area and glaciers.
  • Carbon neutral tours. With the glaciers retreating on a record rate, we are very concious of our environmental footprint and offset 100% of our tours.
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