What to do with young kids in and around Skaftafell in the summer

 If you are coming to visit our little corner of Iceland in the South East and you are traveling with young kids you might wonder if there will be enough for them to do, and activities you can enjoy as a family but here is a guide to some of the adventures you can take in this area. 

A glacier hike at Local Guide

We are proud to offer private tours suitable for children as young as 4 years old. Not only do we have a lot of experience as many of our guides have been taking their own children up on the ice, but we also have all of the necessary safety equipment in the smallest of sizes to allow your little ones to experience the glacier. Private tours are bookable on request and we encourage you to get in touch if you would like to have more information about these tours.

Walk in Skaftafell National Park

There are a number of hiking trails in the National Park and some of them are on flatter ground and accessible for all. A visit up to Sél is also very interesting, it is a small uphill hike to get there but rated easy/moderate. Sél was an old working farm, and there is still a traditional turf house in this location that you can visit and see how people lived in the past in these traditional Icelandic houses. If your children don’t fancy a hike, you can also just pack up a picnic or buy an ice cream from the café and explore the grassland around the campsite where you might even find sheep hiding in the bushes and friendly birds hoping you will drop a crumb or two.

The playground in Hof

In Iceland it is possible to use the playgrounds of schools and kindergartens on evenings and weekends. This means that after 4.30 on a weekday and all day during the weekend you are able to enjoy the playground in Hof that has some swings, slides, climbing wall etc as well as some football goals and grass area for running around and burning off some energy. 

Puffin tour with From Coast to Mountains

This puffin tour is sure to appeal to all ages, you head out onto the black sands in a tractor and trailer before arriving at the cape where you will explore, learn about the history and geography, encounter birdlife and see puffins too. The minimum age online is 5 years old however it is possible to take younger children if the weather conditions are suited so make sure to get in touch with the office and check the weather forecast before booking a tour with children as it can get blustery down by the sea.


Beautiful particles in the ice cave ©darylscottwalker

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