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When you think about Icelandic cuisine you will probably conjure images of hearty lamb dishes, fresh fish and maybe even the infamous shark but would you have  thought about Ice Cream?


Icelanders are huge consumers of ice cream, there is even a special word in Icelandic ísbíltúr that means to go on a drive to get ice cream. Ice cream is eaten in all weather and this is not a treat saved just for the summer months,  it is not uncommon to see people eating it on the coldest of nights in the very depths of winter. Almost every neighborhood has an ice cream store and many have a cult following and it says a lot about your personality and how you chose to take your ice cream!

Cream or milk

There are two types of ice cream commonly sold in most ice cream shops and they are both soft serve from a machine, however one is called Rjómaís which is made with cream and the other is called mjólkís or gamlaís (old ice cream) made with milk. Rjómaís is much thicker and creamier, and the other is lighter and more icy. You´ll have to try both to see which you prefer!

To dip or not to dip

If you take your soft serve in a cone there is a choice of hot dips that you can choose from that harden up on the surface forming a kind of shell, before they harden you can dip them in a whole range of different nuts, candies or chocolates. Ice cream is a very serious business here.

Tasty fox

This is the literal translation of Iceland’s best loved ice cream treat the bragðarefur but more commonly known abroad as a mix in or a blizzard, this is where you chose your ice cream base and chose 3 fillings to go in before it is blitzed in a special machine before serving. You can choose from candy, chocolate, fresh fruit, spreads such as peanut butter and nutella, hot and cold sauces. Whilst it can be hard to go wrong mixing an array of treats together, it can take a while to perfect the perfect bragðarefur choice so much experimentation must be done and much ice cream consumed! 


If you prefer a simple ice cream with no sauces and frills and just a good old fashioned scoop in a cone there are many options in Iceland for these too. Valdís and Skúbb are two very popular ice cream shops who make  on site and sell this kind of ice cream. 

Something unusual?

Reykjavík is now home to an authentic Italian/Icelandic Gelateria. Not only is their Gelato incredible, they have invented Skyrsoft which is a soft serve ice cream made from Skyr, it has the creaminess of ice cream but with a tang of Skyr and is definitely a must try. 

Where to go

Reykjavík is home to many ice cream shops but these are some of the most popular: Vesturbaerís, Skubb, Valdís, ísbúð Huppu

Efstidalur farm is conveniently located on the Golden Circle and it a great addition to the classic roadtrip route

Brunhóll is located East of Local Guide just outside of Höfn 

Brynja Akureyri has a cult following from the residents of the North who will tell you this is the very best ice cream

Skútaís is located in Mývatn in the North

Erpstaaðir is in the West and sells an array of dairy products made on the farm


Beautiful particles in the ice cave ©darylscottwalker

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