Ice Cave Tour

An ice cave tour in the Vatnajökull region

What you get

  • experience travelling to and exploring an ice cave
  • local ice cave guide
  • 4×4 ride
  • we always go to the best ice cave that is possible at the time

Duration: 2-4 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Season: November 1st – March 31st

Departure times: 10:15 and 13:45 (extra departures)

Meeting place: Local Guide HQ, Fagurhólsmýri

Local Guide is the leading ice cave tour operator in Iceland.

In that time we have gathered a lot of knowledge how to get our clients to the best available cave of each day as the conditions of the caves change during the winter. In autumn each year we start looking for the ice caves for the winter. Normally we find caves in several different locations on the south side of Vatnajökull.

The cave we choose from day to day depends on time of winter, time of day, weather and other conditions at the time. We always go to the most interesting cave available at each time. We normally go into one cave per trip.

The average duration of the tour is around 3 hours, however this can change depending on how far we need to drive, how far we have to walk and how complicated the ice cave is (sometimes there is only few meters walk from the car to the cave, other times it can be up to 1 km)

We do not only look at the size of the ice cave but the beauty and colors, the ice caves are normally from 30-70 meters long.

What to bring:

Good boots or hiking shoes are essential, as we sometimes need to put on crampons and sometimes the ground can be very muddy in or on the way to the ice cave. You can rent boots from us if it looks like your shoes are not suitable. Rental fee is 500 isk.

Please wear warm outdoor clothing!


Please note that this tour is not a photography tour.

Update on the current ice cave conditions:
Our main goal for this winter is to visit the White Walker Ice Cave, it is a beautiful ice cave that only our company has access to witch means you will not be in a cave with 50-100+ persons at ones like inside the Crystal Ice Cave. However we will use that ice cave as back up.

Here is a comment on our tour, From Coast to Mountains:
“I was meant to go to Treasure Island Ice Caves with a nice couple from Florida, but the weather had other plans. Not so bad though because we went on a short trip to the Skull Island Ice Cave and the White Walker Ice Cave instead. These are the ice caves that our daughter company (son and daughter in law more like it 🙂 are doing their short tours.
Actually those ice caves are as or more beautiful than the Crystal Ice Cave right now, but the main difference is it is a little more walking, and need to walk up and down steep ice steps (with full safety from ropes) and that you don’t feel like you are in Disney Land in their ice cave tour. The Crystal Ice Cave has about 100-300 people there at the same time most of the day, while the White Walker Ice Cave (that is as big now) is only with one group about 12 clients at a time.”‘

Please contact if you would like to hear more about our other tours.

About travelling in winter:

We are located 350 km (4 1/2 hour drive in summer) east of Reykjavík, via road 1. Please note that in icy and wintery conditions the travel time can be much longer. So we recommend that you stay in a hotel or guest house in southeast Iceland the night before the trip. The guest houses in small group of farms called Hof are close by, only 5 km west of our headquarters in Fagurholsmyri.

Litla Hof (+354 4781670) or or Also and about 18 km west of us.

Of course there are lot more guest houses on both sides, from the area of the small village Klaustur to the town Höfn. Try or for more information.

Your safety is of the utmost importance. Ice Cave tours are weather dependent. Sometimes tours have to be cancelled with short notice due to weather conditions or safety concerns or. After periods of adverse weather, the caves can become flooded or unsafe to enter. If this happens we will always do our best to offer an alternative such as a glacier hike if weather conditions allow, however if this is not suitable we will also always offer a full refund. 

Local Guide HQ in Fagurhólsmýri (N1 fuel automat at the same location)

1/2 hour east of Skaftafell and 1/2 hour west Jökulsárlón in southeast Iceland.

GPS: N63° 52.865 W16° 38.780 (WGS84, Degree-Minutes.Minutes) or 63.881083 -16.646333 (WGS84, Hd .d°)

Summer Season - Iceland


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19.900 ISK

About 2-4 hours*

Minimum 2 persons

Age limit 13 years old

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Meeting Point

White Walker Ice Cave

White walker ice cave, our main ice cave for this winter

Crystal Ice Cave this winter, our back up location this winter

Crystal Ice Cave early morning before the daily departures

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