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During our private photo tours we choose timings where we think there will be the least amount of people in the cave...


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Ice caves are beautiful to explore in the winter and make fascinating photography subjects for all kinds of photographers. We offer a private tour option for photographers and photography groups that can be customised to your needs so that you have the time to take the photos you hope for.

We depart with the daylight and best times to enter the ice cave in mind, and customise your group’s itinerary based on your goals, group dynamics and available options on the ice. We avoid the regular departure times and spend longer in the cave than on an average tour to ensure everyone has time to set up and take their photos.

We stay in contact with those who book a private tour. Closer to the date we let you know what caves are available and together decide what is the best option for your needs. We showcase what features look like with pictures so you can make an informed decision on what you prefer.


We start scouting in August/September for ice caves and start operating tours in October.  Ultimately we have to wait for the temperature to go down to slow the melting of the ice and reduce the height of the rivers.

Often, there is one cave that is selected for tours as it is the best in terms of beauty, size and accessibility. We want everyone that comes with us to have a great experience so often this is where we take our public tours.

If we are lucky we find more than one cave that is beautiful and great for photography. It might be smaller and/or less accessible than the main cave, making it less popular but excellent for photography. This is also a terrific option for photographers and we are happy to invite you to see a more remote ice cave we call the Skull Island Ice Cave.

Photographers usually request tours to more remote or secluded areas. We do our best to accommodate these requests based on group size and ability, weather, and the features available on the glacier.

tips for

You have to be able to carry your equipment in a backpack and hike some distances with it (from 5-10km or 3-6 miles).

We recommend tripods.

Splash protection for the camera, especially if the temperature is warmer than 0 degrees celsius.

Consider extra layers for when you are standing still and cooler, windier weather.

For our private tours we can organise either a half day ice cave tour or a full day ice cave experience.

Cancellation policy as for our private tours. Read more.






During the private tour we make sure to choose the best time for you to visit the ice cave and we will try our best to make sure you will have enough time to take some good shots. You will visit one or two caves (depending on what you select and how long is your tour). Moreover, the tour includes:

  • Local and fully trained adventure glacier guide
  • 4×4 super-jeep transfer from our meeting point in Jökulsárlón
  • Glacier safety equipment
  • Supporting a small local family company
  • All our tours are carbon neutralized

Typically the ice cave season starts in October and ends in March. It is important to remember that the weather plays a huge part in the formation of the caves and we can sometimes access them earlier in the season and sometimes it may not be until later on. We are scouting for caves from late summer so as soon as conditions allow we are able to access these with our groups in winter.

Even though we offer small group experiences as well as private ice cave tours, we can never guarantee that we will be the only people inside the ice cave. If you are a photographer we try to choose less travelled ice caves, but it all depends on the conditions each day, what possibilities there are and how long you are willing to hike.

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