Ice Cream

Beautiful particles in the ice cave ©darylscottwalker

ICE CREAM… When you think about Icelandic cuisine you will probably conjure images of hearty lamb dishes, fresh fish and maybe even the infamous shark but would you have  thought about Ice Cream?   Icelanders are huge consumers of ice cream, there is even a special word in Icelandic ísbíltúr that means to go on […]

What to do with young kids in and around Skaftafell in the summer

What to do with young kids in and around Skaftafell in the summer  If you are coming to visit our little corner of Iceland in the South East and you are traveling with young kids you might wonder if there will be enough for them to do, and activities you can enjoy as a family […]



wHAT SHOULD i BRING? You’ve booked a tour with us but you want to know what’s included and what you should bring with you. Safety Equipment: With all of our tours the safety equipment is included. We have helmets, harnesses, ice axes and crampons that we give to you for the tour. We also have […]


A black raven, frequent visitor of falljökull glacier

Icelandic weather and your travel plans. There is a phrase in Iceland that you will probably hear when on your travels, and even find fridge magnets, mugs and tshirts in the gift shops: “If you don’t like the weather in Iceland wait five minutes” This phrase can be used as a fun slogan but should […]


Bautiful overview of an amazing ice formations of Fallökull glacier

visit vatnajökull Of all the beautiful glaciers in the Skaftafell region of Vatnajökull, Falljökull is the one many locals in the area are privileged to call their workplace. Falljökull is famous for its steep, flowing ice fall and dramatic mountains. You´ll find many photos of the icefall and the undulating waves of ice in travellers’ […]

What to see in Iceland and when?

A traveller looking at the mountains around him

what to see in iceland When can I see it? We know that Iceland has a number of appealing natural phenomena that draw people to this little rock in the North Atlantic. This article will serve as a guide to best plan your holiday so you don’t miss the thing you want to see most! […]